Following is a list of links to other knapping websites.  It by no means is complete.  If we unintentionally ommitted someones link who requested to be listed here we apologize for the omission.  Please contact us and we'll get the link posted at our earliest convenience.   We hope that you find the content useful.  If you find a link that doesn't work, please contact us and provide us with some information about the non working link.  We'll do our best to repair the link or provide information as to why the link or site no longer exists.

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Neil Ostberg Wisconsin Archeological Society   located near Slinger WI

Herb Heck   Dirty Kettle       Ashippun, WI   Native American Demos and Historical Site

Henschel Indian Museum and Digs  Near Elkhart Lake WI  Site of Native American encampments and a Royal                                                                                          Indian Burial Chamber

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