Welcome to Bobs Flintknapping

I am located in Howards Grove Wisconsin.  Flintknapping has been a great hobby of mine for over 13 years.  I employ traditional as well as modern knapping techniques to achieve beautiful and useful tools made of stone and other knappable materials.  

 Knives can be fitted with handles made from various stone materials which can be shaped and polished using various diamond wheels and other polishing equipment.  In addition I have access to a huge selection of exotic woods which provide beautiful and interesting designed handles,  Deer horn (antler) handles provide a more rustic and traditional appeal when combined with an interesting knife blade.

I can provide knapping demonstrations to your group such as sportsmans clubs, schools, historical groups, etc.  Contact me for more info.

I have held knappins (a gathering of flint knappers) at our home, at friends homes, and other knappers locations.  

There are many interesting items for sale in my store.  Please take a peek inside.  In case you like an item which is already sold, I may be able to make an item quite similar.  Contact me.  I will work with you.

All of the items which I have for sale, can be purchased at our online store at ETSY.

The store address is:   www.etsy.com/shop/BobsFlintKnapping 

Simply click on the link or copy and paste the link into your browser.

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